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The New Economy and You

Jobs, careers, work – concepts as we know them have evolved dramatically thanks to the speed, visibility and convenience of online technologies.

Once, people worked for one company. Then, they evolved to working for several companies over their career lifetimes. Today, people may work for a dozen companies in a month, week or even day.

This flexible, on-demand workforce and the businesses/industries who use them make up the current gig economy. This type of workforce has existed in other iterations — from temp work to contractors to freelancers. As mentioned previously, the power of technology has brought this to light and sped up the options and opportunities on how people choose to work. And now, the US Government is trying to figure out how to classify this sector of the economy. They want to set out the rules and regulations on how to monitor, protect, and eventually tax this burgeoning segment.

As a provider of work opportunities and as a flexible, independent worker, what kind of safety nets and benefits do you want in place? How do you want this story to be told?

National GIG is a place to have this discussion. It is an open forum welcoming all sides, all players and all supporters of this sector. Our goal is to provide education, research, networking and the ability to advocate for what is best for you.

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